Archemedian Solid Project

3-D Archimedean Solid Project
Problem:  Make a sculpture in the round utilizing 3 separate Archimedean solids, create 6 different implied textures for surface decoration

Objective: To apply the Archimedean solid design for construction of a non-objective compositions with modular possibilities, to become familiar with implied texture

Materials: cardboard, white paper, black pen, razor knife, tape

Using recycled cardboard, make 4 truncated octahedrons and 2 other Archimedean solids (6 total) out of cardboard and masking tape.
Assemble the 6 forms into a sculpture that utilizes the modular nature of the forms.  All forms must be connected and all connections must come together at a common shape.  (example: hexagon lined up and connected to a hexagon of the same scale)
Develop 6 textures/patterns on white paper unique to you and decorate all surfaces of the sculpture with these patterns.
The finished sculptures must have the following attributes:
-The composition must be created by connecting the forms together using the modular nature of the forms.
-All construction, cuts, joints, and taped areas must be clean and well crafted.
-The sculpture must have a minimum of 6 patterns in black and white.
-All connection/surfaces must be separated by a clean tape line


Video Links:
A quick visualization of the Archimedean Solids:

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