Project 2

3-D Design Paper Forms Project

Problem:  Make a sculpture in the round that uses the principals of design to create a dynamic composition from paper solids

Objective: To apply the basic principles of design for construction of a non-objective composition, to become familiar with geometric solids as visual components of a composition, and to understand the importance of craftsmanship and presentation of a piece of art.  Experiment with proportion and scale to create emphasis in the 3-D composition. 

Materials: paper, glue, tape, foam core

Using your single sheet of poster board and the templates provided construct the following forms:
-3 cylinders
-3 cubes
-2 pyramids (tetrahedron)
-2 cones
-2 octahedron
-1 icosahedron
Using the paper forms you have constructed in class, create a composition with the following attributes:
-The composition must be created by connecting the forms together.  You may make new forms to complete your composition. These forms can be 3-D volumes as well as flat pieces.  Feel free to make modified forms and more complex elements.   Consider the shapes and spaces created by negative space as well as joining forms.  These projects can use wire inside as an interior structure, but the wire must not show.  All components must be glued together and no tape can be present on the exterior of the forms.
-This composition must be non-objective
-Your composition must have a foam core base that it is connected to with a visible relationship to the piece.
-proportion of this base in regard to the sculpture must be taken into account.
-The composition must be painted a single color of your choice other than white BEFORE it is attached to the base.
-The composition must be abstract and can not be made to look like something specific, focus on the dynamics of the formal elements.  You must use asymmetrical balance!


-All forms must be constructed from poster board and not regular paper
-Be as accurate as possible when replicating the templates
-These forms must be constructed by using glue. You may use tape to hold in place while gluing.
-Make the forms as clean as possible showing no tabs
-Make sure you hands are clean when you are working
-Use the3 techniques shown in the demo to fold paper and make curves
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The following images are templates for use in constructing your project: