Project 3

3-D Slot/Tag Sculpture Project
Problem:  Make two sculptures in the round, one organic and one geometric that use
color harmonies and line to compliment the form

Objective: To apply the basic principles of design for construction of a non-objective compositions organic and geometric, to become familiar with slot/tag construction, and to apply color theory to color/form relationships in a 3-D composition

Materials: foam core, paint, razor knife

Using a full sheet of foam core, make two compositions by cutting the foam core sheet in half.
Make one composition that is organic in nature that uses a secondary monochromatic color scheme with tints and shades.
Make one composition that is geometric in nature that uses a complimentary color scheme with tints and shades.
Make each sculpture with the foam core and resolve the design before painting it.  Once the designs are finished, use a marker or pen to reinforce the design with lines relating to the contours of sculpture. 
Disassemble the sculpture and paint the piece with your chosen color scheme.

The finished sculptures must have the following attributes:
-The composition must be created by connecting the forms together using the slot/tag method. 
-All cuts and joints must be clean
-Both sculptures must have the assigned color plan with tints and shades.
-Each sculpture must have at least 7 separate planes in the design.
-Each design must include pure white and pure black.
-All separations in hue must be outlined with a black line that relates to the design.
Video Links:
Basic Tab and Slot Construction:
Basic Color Wheel Explanation:
Color Mixing Tutorial:

student work by Gabe Harris
 student work by Dalyn Oakes